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RIVETIER SHELVING RiveTier Shelving is the ORIGINAL boltless storage shelving.

RiveTier is 40% less expensive than metal shelving but is capable of capacities up to 2400 lbs. a shelf! RiveTier rivet Shelving assembles quickly and easily using only a rubber mallet. No cross braces means you have access to your materials from all four sides. In less than ten minutes your RiveTier Storage Shelving is ready to work for you.

Strong: RiveTier shelving can take on your toughest storage jobs. With a weight capacity of more than a ton per shelf, RiveTier adds up to one high capacity shelving system.

Versatile: RiveTier’s unlimited flexibility provides a custom fit for all of your material handling applications. Whether you need storage for shoeboxes, auto parts, clothing, files or film, there’s a RiveTier Product to fit the job.

Heavy Duty: Long span RiveTier shelving is the perfect choice when a tough, high capacity storage system is needed. With uninterrupted spans to 8 feet, RiveTier long span racks provide a simple economical solution to the most difficult storage problems. Heavy-gauge posts are available in standard-duty and heavy-duty for high-capacity storage. Solid steel beams in 4 styles mean there’s a RiveTier product to fit your needs, from general storage to the heaviest of industrial applications.

Optional Accessories include hang bars, aisle ties, tire cleats and more, so your RiveTier system can grow as your storage needs change.

Decking Choices:

  • Particle Board.
  • Wire Grating
  • Melamine
  • Metal Shelving


  • No Nuts or Bolts! The original boltless system.
  • No Hardware
  • Unobstructed Spans
  • Cost Effective
  • Affordable Assembly
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Range of Capacities
  • Shelf Options
  • Simple Construction
  • Free Standing
  • 15’ height with no splicing.

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